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Previous Photo Galleries are on the Staples Baseball Shutterfly Share-Site

2015 Varsity // 2015 JV // 2015 Freshman

2014 Varsity // 2014 JV // 2014 Freshman
2013 Varsity Photo Gallery

Once you join (or sign in) to Shutterfly, anyone can upload photos to this share site, and you can print, post right to Facebook and download photos right from the site.

  • To download, post to Facebook or print ONE photo, SIGN IN to shutterfly, then scroll or right click IN the photo, then choose Download Picture or Post to Facebook or Order Prints.  Note: photos can only be downloaded one at a time, and they are not the original resolution, though they are high enough resolution for prints. (If you want the original resolution of a particular photo, talk to the parent who took the photos!)
  • To order multiple prints, click “Order Prints” in the tool bar and follow the steps.

2012 and 2011 Photos

The Varsity Photo Galleries are available on Flickr under ‘Staples Baseball.’  Each game is listed – click this link for the 2012 Varsity Photo Gallery. Scroll down to see the galleries with ‘Full’ in the gallery name – these galleries contain ALL the pictures taken from the game.

Last year’s 2011 Varsity game photos are also on the Staples Baseball Flickr site.

All 2012 and 2011 photos are downloadable and printable right from Flickr.

  • To download a photo, right click on the photo and choose a size, then right click again, and choose “save photo as” option.
  • To order prints, under the ‘actions’ button (top left) scroll down to ‘order prints and more.’

If you have any issues or questions, please email Staples Diamond Club.