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FCIAC Champions

1976 2008
1983 2009
1985 2011
2001 2019

Division Champions

1979 2010
1983 2014
1993 2015
2003 2018
2009 2019 (Regular Season Champions)

State Champions

Class L 2001
Class LL 2015 (Finalist)
Class LL 2017
Class LL 2019


The following is a list of Staples Wreckers Baseball Alumni currently playing baseball at NCAA Colleges & Universities or Professionally. 

Ben Casparius – LA Dodgers, (UCONN)

Hiro Wyatt – Kansas City Royals

Harry Azadian – Union College*

Adam Bauks – Salve Regina

Holden Caney – Skidmore College

Alex Deutsch – Wesleyan University

JW Fitzgerald – Sacred Heart University

George Goldstein – Middlebury College

Carter Kelsey – Seton Hall University

Chris Kennedy – Misercordia University
Chad Knight – Duke University

Nick Kornfeld – St. Olaf College

Justin Lessing – Middlebury College

Alex Oppenheimer – Union College

Sam Robin – Amherst College

Drew Rogers – University of Pennsylvania

Chase Siegel – Skidmore College

Matthew Spada – Wesleyan University

Matt Stone – Georgetown University

Chris Veneruso – Salve Regina University

Chris Zajac– Indiana University


If we have missed anyone, please email Coach McFarland.

These current Staples Wreckers have committed to play baseball in the NCAA
Jack Farnen – Hobart College
Max Jossen – Eastern Connecticut State
Kai Nee – Duke University

FCIAC Players - 1965 to Present


CHSCA Baseball All State Class LL – Carter Kelsey

1st Team All FCIAC – Carter Kelsey, Justin Lessing

All West – Sean Clarke, Finn Popken, JW Fitzgerald, Brennan Herold, Alex Oppenheimer, Matt Spada

Honorable Mention – Cam Manna, Chris Kennedy, Adam Kane


FCIAC Player of the Year – Chad Knight (Gatorade Player of the Year)

All FCIAC – Harry Azadian, Drew Rogers

ALL WEST – Alex Deutsch, Russell Krauss, Andrew Moy, Adam Petro, Zach Zobel

Honorable Mention – Jake D’Amico


FCIAC Player of the Year – Chad Knight

All FCIAC – Chris Drbal, Max Popken

ALL WEST – Harry Azadian, Adam Petro, Drew Rogers, Matt Stone

Honorable Mention – Alex Cheema, Andrew Moy, Kevin Rabacs


FCIAC Player of the Year – Ben Casparius (Gatorade Player of the Year)

All FCIAC – Chad Knight

ALL WEST- Chris Drbal, Ryan Fitton, Matt Stone

Honorable Mention- George Goldstein, Max Popken, Robert Stone


ALL FCIAC – Ben Casparius, Noah Yokoi

ALL WEST – Chad Knight, Ryan Fitton, George Goldstein, Jon Dedomenico


ALL FCIAC- Ben Casparius, Nathan Panzer
ALL CENTRAL- Ross Poulley, Zack Azadian, Marco Latella, Ryan Fitton


ALL FCIAC- Adam Dulsky, Sam Ellinwood
ALL WEST- Ben Casparius, Ryder Chasin, Nate Panzer, Rob Vallone, Noah Yokoi

All West: James Frusciante, Chris Speer, Matt Smith, Eli Andrew, Sam Ellinwood, Bryan Terzian, Noah Yokoi

All FCIAC: Bryan Terzian
All West: Jimmy Kopack, Marco Romero, Zach Levins, Greg Salamone, Chris Speer, James Frusciante, Sam Ellinwood

All FCIAC: Rob Gau, Mike Scott, Tyler Jacobs, Colin McCarthy, Ben Lipper
All West: Brendan Bernstein, Bryan Terzian, Mike McGowan, Jim Kopack

All FCIAC: Jack Hennessy – Player of the Year, David Speer, Grant Moss
All West: Jimmy Sikorski, Brendan Bernstein, Ryan Burke, Rob Gau, Ben Lipper, Tyler Jacobs

All FCIAC: Jack Hennessy, David Speer
All Central: Jimmy Sikorski, Grant Moss, Ryan Crofts, Mike Rutski, John Oppenheimer

All FCIAC: Mike Samela, David Speer
All Central: Ryan Crofts, Grant Moss, John Oppenheimer, James Lothro

All Central: Mike Schulman, John Oppenheimer, Craig Wolgast, AJ Johnston

All FCIAC: Matt Greco, Matt McGowan
All Central: Mike Samela, DJ Stefkovich

All FCIAC: DJ Stefkovich
All Central: Wyatt Moss, Matt Greco

All FCIAC: John Baumann
All Central: Matt Samela, Ben Brooks

All FCIAC: John Baumann
All Central: Jordan Lert, Matt Samela, Chris Winkler, Kevin McCarthy

All FCIAC: Chris Winkler
All Central: Alex Brooks, Jordan Lert, John Baumann

All FCIAC: Matt Uccellini
All Central: Matt Katz, Kevin Brush, Chris Winkler, Mike Tavares

All FCIAC: Adam Osterweil
All Central: Matt Katz, Dave Lipson, Mike Tavares

All FCIAC: Doug Vroman, Tyler Stefkovich
All Central: Matt Katz

All FCIAC: Doug Vroman, Tyler Stefkovich
All Central: John Herbst

All Central: Doug Vroman, Tyler Stefkovich

All Central: Mac Devito

All Central: Chris O`Dell

1994 John Newman

1992 Aaron Abraham

1991 Justin Rigney

1990 Travis Hess

1986 Tim Carter, Perry Oliphant

1985 Dave Stanton, Brendan Lesch

1983 Jeff Oliphant

1982 Jeff Oliphant

1981 Tom Foti

1980 Sean Carroll

1979 Skip Lane, Steve Gargiulo, Dom Calise

1978 Jon Blanc, Skip Lane

1977 Tim Hayes

1976 Tom Pettee, Tim Hayes

1975 Hank Drought

1974 Drew Schuett

1973 George Barrett

1971 Jeff Eastin

1970 Steve Baumann

1967 Tom Yocky