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The Staples Diamond Club Mission

The Staples Diamond Club, founded in 2005, is a volunteer 501(c)3 non profit organization made up of players’ parents and Staples baseball supporters working together to help the Staples Baseball program.  The Diamond Club supports the baseball program through various fundraising and volunteer activities.  The money raised by the Diamond Club is vital for ongoing operations of the baseball program.  This has become especially critical over the years as the town has reduced the money allocated to extracurricular activities. Currently, the Staples Baseball Program receives a small portion of the necessary funds to run a safe and successful program for our 50+/- players each year.

The money raised by the Diamond Club supports numerous items including, but not limited to:

  • Salaries – assistant coaches – Varsity, JV and Freshman
  • Scoreboard upgrades
  • Blue Monster signage
  • Wakeman screens
  • Championship banners
  • Batting cages — Staples and Wakeman
  • Field and equipment maintenance
  • Winter Workouts
  • Opening and Closing Dinners
  • Senior Day
  • Little League Day to promote Staples baseball in our community

We are proud of our players as well as the top-quality coaching staff and facilities we have.  To maintain a safe and successful program, raising funds each year is an essential component along with the time volunteered by Diamond Club members.  The Diamond Club wants all baseball student athletes to have a positive experience during their time at Staples and your support helps ensures that this vision continues to be a reality.

Please consider becoming a member of the Diamond Club or supporting the various fundraising activities. We hope every player family joins us each year.

Thank you.

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Diamond Club

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