All photos from the 2012 and 2011 season are stored at the Staples Baseball Flickr site.  Choose the season you’d like to view from the drop-down menu.

To download photos:

  • Open the photo in Flickr by either: a) clicking on the title bar (next to the Staples Baseball logo) to open that entire game gallery, or b) clicking on the photo itself in the  gallery that’s on this site – that will open that particular photo in Flickr.
  • Right click on the photo and choose a size (ignore the copyright wording – just pick a size), then right click again, and choose “save photo as” option.
  • To order prints, under the ‘actions’ button (top left) scroll down to ‘order prints and more.’

Photo Galleries for the 2012 Varsity Season (click here for  2011 Varsity Season):

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