The 2014-15 Poinsettia Holiday Sale is a key fundraiser for Staples Baseball.  Download the PDF of the 2014-15 DC Poinsettia Form_pdf

The Staples Diamond Club, a non-profit organization, raises money for the Staples baseball program. Because of the limited school budgets for sports teams, we work with the Staples’ coaches to provide equipment and cover certain expenses for the teams.

These flowers are scheduled to arrive the first week of December, just in time for the holiday season and make a wonderful gift for your spouse, parents, in-laws, co-workers, employees or friends. By buying these beautiful poinsettias, you can give someone a lovely gift and help the Staples baseball program.

The poinsettias come in 3 varieties – red, white and pink; and, 3 sizes – 6-inch pots, 7-inch pots and 8-inch pots.

This year for our Staples Baseball poinsettia fundraiser there is the opportunity to DONATE poinsettias to a local charity. If you ask the family and friends you’ll see to donate to the baseball poinsettia fundraiser, they’ll be able to make the holiday brighter for some wonderful local organizations like ABC House, Project Return, Gillespie Center, Mercy Learning Center, and Caroline House – just to name a few.

It’s simple – even without the order form!  Simply explain that a donation benefits both Staples Baseball and local charities – and that a $10, $16 or $22 poinsettia donation will deliver a 6″ or 7″ or 8″ plant in either red, white or pink. All you need to do is jot down what size and color they’d like to donate (and collect the donation) so you can include the donated plants as part of your poinsettia order.  That’s it!  No delivery needed – Staples Baseball players will deliver all the donated plants to the local charities.

Please take a look at the 2014-15 DC Poinsettia Form_pdf for more information.

Won’t you please buy some of these beautiful flowers to help the Staples Baseball Program? We need your order and check NO LATER THAN TUESDAY NOVEMBER 25.

Thank you for your support!

Staples Diamond Club