Bat Rules 2014



Beginning January 1, 2012, all bats not made of a single piece of wood shall meet the Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) performance standard, and such bats shall be labeled with a silkscreen or other permanent certification mark. No BBCOR label, sticker or decal will be accepted on any non-wood bat. The certification mark shall be rectangular, a minimum of one inch on each side and located on the barrel of the bat in any contrasting color to read:  “BBCOR.50.”

As of this date the following bats have been decertified by the NFHS. If any other bats become decertified during the season the NFHS website will be updated ( )

Currently, there are three (3) non-wood baseball bats that the NFHS has decertified for use in high school competition. This short list is subject to change. Additional non-wood baseball bats could possibly be added to this list. The decertified bats are the following: Marucci Cat 5 33” non-wood baseball bat (decertification notice date – February 21, 2012)

Reebok Vector TLS 32”,33″ non-wood baseball bat (decertification notice date – March 26, 2012)

These bats should be considered non-compliant and subject to NFHS Baseball Rules 4-1-3b and 7-4-1a.

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