Welcome to Staples Baseball

The Staples Baseball program is proud to consistently be one of the top baseball programs in the State — 2019 Class LL Champions and 2019 FCIAC Regular Season and 2019 FCIAC Champions. Our 2nd State Championship in 3 years; we are very proud of our student athletes.

We have a very exciting year ahead with a great schedule of events for players and their families as well as opportunities for up and coming underclassmen all the way to the seniors.

This type of success can only come from collaborative efforts and hard work by the coaching staff and players and by the support and generosity of the “Wrecker Community!”

The Staples Diamond Club is a volunteer 501(c)3 non profit organization made up of players’ parents and Staples baseball supporters working together to help the Staples baseball program thrive; it supports the program through various fund-raising and volunteer activities. More information may be found under the Diamond Club tab on the Staples baseball website.

Please email the Diamond Club your family contact information to ensure all pertinent updates gets through and please stay tuned to www.staplesbaseball.com updates and general news.

Please email us at: baseball@staplesdiamondclub.com

Please also feel free to email us with any questions. We are here to address all of your inquiries.